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WHEY PROTEIN has long been recognized as the gold standard of protein powders for its excellent amino acid profile and digestibility. Several protein quality measures identify WHEY PROTEIN as the protein with the highest biological value. Compared with other protein sources, whey has the highest content of the branched-chain amino acids, which are responsible for muscle protein synthesis. However, whey protein has recently gone from a healthy protein source to a cheese byproduct filled with additives. 10 Performances' new GRASS-FED WHEY makes whey protein healthy again. Rather than using milk from cows that are fed unnatural diets of corn and grain, we use the milk of cows that have been fed a healthy diet of grasses. Sadly, many dairy cows are injected with hormones to grow bigger and produce more milk, which often makes the animal ill and in need of antibiotics. Many of the whey protein products on the market come from cows injected with steroids and fed excess amounts of antibiotics.

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